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Janice's presentations are artful--full of passion and heart. You will leave with not only inspiration, but with new practical ways to approach the partnership of the collaborative dance. What she offers is a breath of fresh air to the tired parent or educator. Throughout the presentation, parents and educators alike were nodding in agreement— the sentiment in the room was she knows what we have been through. That allowed everyone in the room to begin to hope for much more.

Julie Causton Theoharis
Assistant Professor in the Inclusive and Special Education Program in the Department of Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University

Janice, you were the star of Maryland 's State Department of Education's Annual Conference! Our thanks goes to you for bringing your message to families and professionals in such a compassionate and personal way.  You moved an entire room of people to tears, and good tears, for it was through your story that we all made personal realizations, whether we were personally identifying with your processing stages or realizing from the other side how someone in the position of being a parent of a child with disabilities feels.  Regardless, it was an opportunity to grow and learn. You did a fabulous job with skill and grace, and contributed greatly to the overall success of the conference.

Valerie Von Behren
Statewide Family Support Services Coordinator
Maryland State Department of Education
Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services
April 2006

I was especially informed and moved by Janice Fialka. From Fialka's point of view, professionals can help make a difference. From my point of view, she made a profound difference in how I will teach my graduate courses in infant mental development and infant mental health in the years to come.

Hiram E. Fitzgerald
Executive Director
World Association for Infant Mental Health

Janice provides a very helpful way to think about the partnership between parents and professionals. The major points of her presentation create many thought provoking moments that on reflection will influence the attitudes and actions of both partners.

Carol Trivette
Co-Director, Puckett Institute

Our parents and staff responded with great enthusiasm to your “Dance of Partnership” presentation. Your willingness to share your experiences as a professional, but more importantly as a mother of a child with special needs touched us all. Everyone walked away with greater understanding of the challenges faced by children with special needs, their parents and their teachers. All parents and educators would benefit from hearing your message.

John Baluci
Director of Student Services
South Redford School District

I could listen to Janice talk all day! She provides information for parents and professionals that helps individuals gain an understanding of various perspectives and emotions. She has an incredible ability to convey her story with humor, sensitivity, and great insight. I highly recommend Janice as a speaker and trainer for any parent-professional forum as she will bring new light to all audiences.

Lora J. Fader
Assistant Professor
George Mason University

Janice speaks with passion, wisdom, and heart. She is easily capable of moving you to tears with her personal stories, but also provides precious pearls of wisdom for anyone working with the population. An excellent speaker.

Joseph Manary
LLP Prevention Coordinator
Alpena , Michigan

Janice's experiences as a parent and professional give her a unique insight into the relationship between parents and professionals. She provides enlightening and usable information, and speaks with knowledge, compassion, warmth, and humor. She is a “must see” for all parents and professionals.

Ann Cirimele, Executive Director
Family Resource Network
Stockton , CA

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While I dance I can not judge, I can not hate, I can not separate myself from life.
I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance.

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